California's Energy Realities Can Shape Smarter Policies

In our increasingly divided world, we face undeniable challenges that demand pragmatic solutions, not empty rhetoric. The future of energy, both in California and globally, is intricate. To address our energy realities, we must first confront some harsh truths:

  • We require significantly more energy, both for current needs and the growing demands of the future. This necessitates affordable, reliable, and clean energy sources, including natural gas, solar, wind, and sustainable fuels for vehicles.
  • Innovation, like carbon capture and storage, must be scaled up to reduce greenhouse gas emissions effectively.
  • Policymakers should heed science and involve energy experts while prioritizing equity.
  • Demonizing the oil and gas industry is counterproductive; their expertise is vital in shaping future energy solutions.
  • Energy policies must consider the needs of all, not just the affluent, by avoiding unrealistic deadlines and mandates.
  • To achieve a sustainable energy future, we must embrace diverse energy sources, incentivize innovation, and support environmentally and socially responsible policies. 

Collaboration, not division, is the way forward!

Take Action Now: According to the California Energy Commission in July, oil companies made 14 cents profit per gallon of gasoline, while the government made 9x that amount.

Tell elected officials to stop demonizing the men and women of California’s oil industry when you share this graphic on social media and tag #CALeg.

When pump prices fluctuate, who’s the real winner? It’s the government.

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We believe in solutions based on:

1.     Facts, not fears
Creating a sustainable energy future means decision makers base decisions on data and science. Plans and promises that fail to accurately represent scientific research and current data-driven economic insights wind up failing our state’s workforce and has a trickle effect that impacts all Californians.

2.    Quality jobs that support and sustain our communities and economy
Right now, the oil and gas industry supports over 365,000 high-quality jobs in California. The work of our industry supports households, neighborhoods, and communities across the state. Our work bolsters local economies and schools. It provides opportunity for Californians in historically underserved regions. Sustainable energy jobs must be prioritized and those performing the work today must be recognized.

3.     Equitable solutions for all Californians
Policy must consider and support all Californians – not just those who can afford the higher costs of a rushed impractical transition. Every person deserves access to reliable, safe, affordable energy, and energy policies must focus on this goal.

A sustainable energy future will prioritize quality jobs, affordable energy sources, and equitable public policy. Join us to demand an equitable energy future for all Californians.