An equitable energy future must serve ALL Californians

Join us to demand an energy future based on facts, not fears.

We want a cleaner, more sustainable energy future that is fair and equitable for all. That means finding real-world solutions that lead to a cleaner economy without hurting workers, families, and communities.

All eyes are on California’s state leaders to come to the table with innovative solutions that benefit all Californians. A just transition isn’t ‘just’ if it leaves behind those who rely on the energy industry for jobs and reliable, affordable, safe energy.

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“Once again, Governor Newsom has chosen to ignore science, data and facts to govern by bans, mandates and personal fiat. Banning nearly 20% of the energy production in our state will only hurt workers, families and communities in California and turns our energy independence over to foreign suppliers.

Through all means possible, we will join with workers, community leaders and others who wish to protect access to safe, affordable and reliable energy to fight this harmful and unlawful mandate. We will be a key part of an equitable energy future for California.”

Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President & CEO of Western States Petroleum Association

What an Equitable Energy Future Means to Us:

We believe the dedicated and conscientious women and men of our industry have an important role to play in California’s pursuit of a carbon neutral economy. But let’s be clear, there is no such thing as a “just transition” when the focus is on eliminating the livelihoods of our industry’s workforce. A sustainable energy future means finding equitable pathways that consider not only the hundreds of thousands of jobs our industry supports, but also the millions of hard-working Californians, and the communities they live in, that rely on the safe and affordable energy we provide. 

This requires:

1.     Facts, not fears
Creating a sustainable energy future means decision makers base decisions on data and science. Plans and promises that fail to accurately represent scientific research and current data-driven economic insights wind up failing our state’s workforce and has a trickle effect that impacts all Californians.

2.     Quality jobs performed today by the women and men of our industry
Right now, the oil and gas industry supports over 365,000 high-quality jobs in California. The work of our industry supports households, neighborhoods, and communities across the state. Our work bolsters local economies and schools. It provides opportunity for Californians in historically underserved regions. Sustainable energy jobs must be prioritized and those performing the work today must be recognized.

3.     Equitable solutions
Policy must consider and support all Californians – not just those who can afford the higher costs of a rushed impractical transition. Every person deserves access to reliable, safe, affordable energy, and energy policies must focus on this goal.

A sustainable energy future will prioritize quality jobs, affordable energy sources, and equitable public policy. Join us to demand an equitable energy future for all Californians.